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Ông Ngoại

 A half hour documentary uncovering the life story of Ngoc Vo Nguyen. From his life in Vietnam before, during and after the Civil War to his time in prison & eventual escape as a 'Vietnamese boat Person'.  Vo reflects on his time in Vietnam and how he has rebuilt his life since coming to the UK as a Refugee. We hear from Vo and his family about how he wants to be remembered and what his legacy means to them.

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Ong Ngoai Trailer 

Full Documentary
Available on request

Producer: Quoc Le

Director/ Co Producer/ Editor/ Camera 2:  Abigail Parmenter

Camera 1/ Sound operator: Victor Rios 

Composer: Nickolas Parmenter

Sound Designer: Leon Radschinski-Gorman

Colourist: Romain Kedochim

Kit Hire and special thanks: Homer Todiwala


Ngoc Vo Nguyen

Thi My Huong Le

Hoa Nguyen

Co Cong Thanh

Vu Nguyen

Thanh Thu Taguay

Hieu Taguay

Thu Nguyen

Joe Quach

Snow Quach

Rayne Quach

Nguyen Khoa Le

Quoc Huy Le

Pat Hieu Quach

Bi Quach

 Joanne Quach

Jack Van Thach

Ali Quach

Catherine Nguyen 

With Special thanks to our Donors 

Pat Quach, Joe Quach, Thi Le, Nguyen Khoa Le, Toan Phuc Nguyen, Joanne Quach, Jack Van Thach, Liem Le, Catherine Nguyen-Cat, Jimmy Nguyen, Ally Sedgwick, Hang Anh Do, Hoa Nguyen, Vu Nguyen, Bee Do, Chau Diem Lam, Quoc Le, Varoushnan Srilangarajah 

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