Another Actresses

1 Film, 7 girls and a Scottish Casa-NO-va

7 young unsuspecting actresses find themselves at the behest of a delusional and predatory director, in the dank setting of a Glasgow basement flat. Although his script and work ethics are questionable from the start, it takes the building pressure and uncovering of each individual's experience to finally unite them all to stand against this conceited arsewipe . 


Film References


Little Miss Sunshine 

For both its ensemble cast, its humour and cinematography 

Budget: $8,000,000 (Estimated)

Opening Weekend USA: $370,782, -limited Release 

Gross USA:$59,891,098

Cumulative WW Gross: $100,523,181 

Our estimated minimum budget is £550,000- but let's face it more would be nice.    


We will frame our gritty and at times painful dark comedy with aesthetic long shots and smooth tracking shots; akin to those in Little Miss Sunshine, Train spotting and Wes Anderson films. Making the awkward content cinematic. Favouring two or group mid shots, saving single shots to drive the poignancy of a character's emotion or isolation.  We aim to visually narrate this story with artistic consideration in contrast to the pragmatic acting and dialogue. Something about this juxtaposition highlights the beauty and the beast in these seemingly commonplace characters  


Our antagonist and lead male. Angus has always dreamt of being a 'movie director' and all his assumed benefits that come

with it. Prestige, power and girls...    

The Casa-No-va Director 




The nice guy

 Unwittingly Angus's right hand man, this mild mannered chap begins by cluelessly aiding Angus as his producer/ general dogsbody. But as Angus' behaviour is increasingly questionable, his easy going nature becomes more strained....    




The sound guy and most experienced

member of the crew, has a habit of random wanderings and classic one liners. Oblivious to what is going on around him, his naivety brings a comic freshness to the situation.



The unfortunate 

The youngest actress in the film, Kayleigh's innocence and desire for acceptance lands her in some tricky situations. Despite trying her best to be ever professional, her inexperience is clear and makes her an easy target. Her bravery comes through at the end, and with the girls support she finally speaks out against Angus.     

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 23.13.41.png


The Livewier 
Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 23.21.28.png

Swearing at most intervals,

 unapologetically herself at all times. Tina, this soon to graduate drama school student is ready to rock her fist Job outta school. That is, until

 she realises that these two fools, Angus & Adam know little about the real world of film production  



The Observer

One of our main characters, the introverted and observant Alex may seem cold at the beginning of the film. Yet as things begin to unravel around her, her strength of character and concern for others becomes crucial to toppling Angus.    



The Ringleader  

A latecomer to the film who still makes a big impact. Annie has the openness to connect with all the female characters and is unafraid to speak up for them. Outspoken yet mature, she comes to handle some of the more difficult moments in the film. She gives the others the gusto to show Angus his behaviour will not be tolerated.



The Flirt

Confident and not shy of Angus's advances, Libby could be stereotyped as a typical attention seeking actress. Too wrapped up in herself, she fails to notice Angus's behaviour towards the other girls, believing she is the 'Chosen one'. 



The Meek & Sweet

A softly spoken Scott, although a great actress she's a little shy of coming forward. Jane is a mild mannered character and generally afraid to rock the boat. Deeply sincere & empathetic, she abandons her usual meekness to take revenge on Angus alongside the other girls.




The Hen

Grounded and strong with at times a sightly intimidating intensity. Cathy is a straightforward, no-nonsense girl with a protective edge for the other females around her. Her pairing with Annie in the second half of the film helps to tip the balance of power in the girls favour.



' Nearly all men can withstand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character- give him power'~  Lincoln

Based on a true story before the #metoo movement brought certain things to light.  

Angus (30) ~  an 'award winning' short film director is holding auditions for his first horror feature film set in Glasgow.  7 young Actresses who will be the objects of Angus' 'filmatic feat'; Alex (24), Annie (24), Libby (22), Cathy (23), Jane (22), Kayleigh (18) and Tina (21), appear in the audition chair. Some auditions feel awkward, some familiar and some a little too friendly.

What unfolds next in rehearsals at Angus' basement flat is a small overture of  whats in store ....

The girls hopes of working on a worthwhile, professional production are swiftly brought in to question by Angus' attitude and bizarre 'Directors Vision Speech'.  Alex, our lead protagonist walks in on Libby making breakfast for herself and Angus in PJs - and lets face it- that's odd. During the rehearsals Angus' impatience with the youngest actress Kayleigh, seems excessive and uncalled for- making the scene readings more than uncomfortable. And yet, the girls, unsure of themselves and the situation find no confidence to call any of it out.


That evening they all leave for the train to the first filming location...Apart from Jane who is left with the filming equipment, to take in her car- by herself. Great.

45 minutes late for the first morning of filming, Angus and his number two, Adam (32)  arrive with costumes which resemble that of the oh so tasteful Sucker Punch  designs- even the soundman Bob (27)  is wondering what kind of film set he's come to. Angus' direction goes from uncomfortable to down right bad as he knowingly dismantles Kayleigh's confidence in front of everyone. After this she confides in Alex that something happened with Angus prior to filming , although not exactly what. When they finally wrap at this first location all the girls (apart from Libby, who seems to be loving the attention) are exhausted and more than happy for a couple of days break from the passive aggressive director.


Before too long, Alex finds herself back at rehearsals, with a few changes to the line up. Annie is now the uncomfortable soul staying with Angus- unlike Libby, she's not too happy about it. Cathy, Tina and Jane arrive followed by a less confident looking Adam. The group begin rehearsing, but this time it's Annie who's at the receiving end of Angus's mood. At the end of rehearsals Cathy reaches out to Annie and the first fully 'confessional' scene occurs. They exchange stories in a dimly lit cafe of Angus's predatory advances. The empathy between the  two girls is the turning point for the dynamic of the film.

The following morning the cast and crew are on their way to the next filming location, deep in a forest outside of Glasgow. Angus' driving is proving as effective as his directorial skills, but somehow they all manage to arrive in one piece. After some half hearted attempts at filming some short scenes, in the last of the day light they set up camp for the night. Annie briefly but bluntly tells Alex about the experiences she and Cathy had with Angus, in disbelief Alex blurts out that they aren't the only ones. Behind them, Angus and Tina are arguing about how naked she has to be in the next scene... A fitting parallel.


Later in the darkness, the unfortunate and tied to a tree Tina has obviously lost the argument.  Angus, whilst trying to get the most 'dramatic' shot, trips backwards over the light box and plunges the scene in to darkness. On realising that the lights are now broken and with out replacements, Adam for the first time looses his cool with Angus. Alex and Jane, sat by the fire, hear the commotion in the distance but aren't surprised, the tail end of their conversation being about how many of them have been targeted by Angus.  

They all go to their sleeping bags, tired and glum as a defeated Angus cracks out a bottle of whiskey. After getting himself seriously sozzled, Angus decides it would be a great idea to continue filming and commands a now queasy Jane to get out of her tent. Resentfully Jane drags herself up and out, causing her to vom at his feet and suddenly bringing a sense of sobriety to the situation. Adam wades in and brings the fiasco to an end, dragging Angus away and locking him in the van. 


In the morning, a resolute Annie informs Adam that they are done and need taking home. Without a fuss, Adam agrees and they begin to pack up and pile in to the van. On the drive home Angus is on the phone to Libby who spontaneously organises a wrap party at the news of their return- even though they haven't actually, err, wrapped. 

In the pub the group of exhausted girls are joined by Kayleigh and sit around a table, apart from Libby who is fawning over the 'magnificent' Angus. After more revelations come out about pay and contracts, the already uncomfortable conversation lands on what actually happened between Angus and Kayleigh.  On hearing this, Tina becomes distressed about him having footage of her naked and it spurs on an idea amongst the girls that, maybe, this guy doesn't deserve to have any footage at all....


With one last request to the disillusioned Adam, the girls ask for the keys to Angus's flat under the guise of collecting Annie's  belongings. Defiant and unified the girls finally take control of the situation and ensure that his 'filmatic feat' will never see the light of day.       

Suggested Colour Pallets

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A natural muted colour pallet will support the gritty setting and reality of the story, while working in an appealing contrast with some of the more surreal elements and characters.