Exit 6 Review of What we say, What we mean:

Click on the image below and head to 18:40mins to hear the Exit 6 interview with Abigail followed by the teams review. 

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BBC Radio Oxford - A part of the Oxford International festival 

Click on the image below and hear What we say, What we mean as part of the Featured content of the festival with the BBC. 

Oxford International Film Festival BBC Radio Oxford- James Watt
00:00 / 06:56
Nominated 'Best Micro Shot' @OXISFF
Oxford International Festival
Nominated 'Best Actor/Actress' @SIFF
At Southampton International Film Festival
Nominated 'Best British Short' @SIFF
Runner up: Best Female Director @OOTC
Winner @ SFAAF Festival
Finalist 'Best debut film'
Southampton International Film Festi
Exit 6 Film Festival
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